• Trip Length: 3 Days
  • Adventure Type: Rock climbing
  • Location: City of Rocks National Reserve (Idaho)
  • Details: Guided trip. Includes climbing gear and base camping in the City of Rocks campground.
  • Available Dates: July 7-9, 2020
  • Cost: $375 per person, per day. 2-4 people total.

You want a legit climbing adventure but you're not ready to go off entirely on your own. With all of the knots and rope systems to know, not to mention the climbing technique, you know you want professional instruction to be sure you'll be safe and can have fun!

Whether you're a beginner eager to get started, or someone with some experience who wants to brush up on those foundational skills (or teach them to your family), this is the trip for you.

We'll spend two nights at the City of Rocks so you'll get three days of solid climbing in. With a wide variety of climbs available, we'll make sure we find the right climbs for your ability to challenge you and make sure you have some fun.

In the evenings you can hang out around the campfire or just taking in the views (and let your arms rest!).

As an experienced mountain guide and outdoor educator, one of my superpowers is not just taking people on adventures but helping them grow their skill sets so they can have more fun and more successful adventures in the future!


Here’s how to get started:

  1. Get in touch with me to claim your dates by emailing: bmb0112 [at]
  2. After that, I’ll send you the details so you can officially book your trip through the Exum Guides website, as they handle insurance, logistics, and equipment needs.
  3. Once you’ve booked, we’ll be in touch to talk further about your specific goals, group, and concerns to ensure we can create the best trip for you.
  4. Then we go climbing!

Questions? Just reach out. I’m happy to discuss any details further.