Time to get ready to Rip!

As another season approaches I have yet again found myself going to suffering workouts with my coach Crystal Wright to ensure that I am well prepared for a long winter of slaying pow.

I always believe that I must be staying in decent snowboard shape throughout the summer with weekly climbs of the Grand Teton and by working as a climbing guide. But as I started my regular fall training I was surprised to see the effects past injuries, parenting, imbalances in how I use my body to move, and AGE Syndrome have once again taken their toll.

Working with my long time friend and strength training coach, Crystal, is once again awarding me the fitness and muscular balance I so desperately rely upon for my profession and love for snowboarding.

Crystal recently posted a blog on her Wright Training site showcasing the physiological breakdown of skiing.  Check it out, it may be just the kick in the pants you where looking for to help get you ready to rip!!



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